Assignment 18: The story of Dad


Name: Matt Moore Location: Los Angeles, CA Relation to music: listener and dabbler Industry: Digital librarianship Introduction When I first learned of Kristen’s fantastic Five Song Project, I immediately started thinking what sort of theme I might choose if I were ever fortunate enough to contribute. At first it was difficult to narrow things down—that […]


Song 77: That’s not what it means, Mom


Name: J Song: “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League J: The song that reminds me of my mother is “Don’t You Want Me” because when I was six my mother and I had an argument about it that was very telling about how different we were as people. She felt bad for the […]


Assignment 17: Word to your Moms


Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S. and Canada. (Mexico celebrated on May 10th and France will celebrate on May 27th.) This week the blog will focus on songs that remind people of their mothers. Whether they have influenced our music taste or songs that bring us back to specific moments in time that we […]


Song 58 : First understanding of performance art/art rock


[Still from music video for the song “This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)”] “This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)” – Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel (So [second album release and CD]) Luckily, just after Philip Glass showed me that the floor could come out from under me, a new wave radio station arose in my […]


Assignment 12: The Game Changers


[Photo by] Name: Holly Rose Location: Pittsburgh-born go-go dancer librarianing in Los Angeles Relationship to music: Listener and creator Industry: Rock and Roll Librarian/Archivist Although the last post may make it seem like Teresa, my previous contributor, is a very shy and private person, she is really the reason I have met some amazing people […]


Song 43: With a rebel yell she cried, more, more, more


“Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol Billy Idol was my first rock star crush. Never mind that I was 12 and he was in his 30’s, I believed we were destined to be together! Years later, I have lost the crush but never the love of this song. It’s a solid rock song that has stood […]


Assignment 9: They just never get old


Name: Christine Petrich Place: Minneapolis, Minnesota Your relationship to music: listener, dancer, and musician, in that order Industry: College Instructor, Health and PE I met Christine when I was in high school. We were both in a modern dance class at the performing arts center in my hometown. I don’t think there is any one […]


Song 38: A band that is so good at covers already


Photo credit: “Your Love” – The Outfield 5songpjct: Who should cover your pick by the Outfield? Mickey: I would love to hear this performed by New Pornographers, ideally with Neko Case on lead vocals. The multi-singer interplay on the end of “Testament to Youth In Verse” is one of my favorite moments in their […]


Song 36: Sister Sister Sister


[Photo by Daria Kobayashi Ritch for Rolling Stone] “Boys of Summer” – Don Henley 5songpjct: This question may get a bit repetitive during this interview, but who should do a “Boys of Summer” cover? Mickey: The case can be made that The War on Drugs is already modernizing this, but I think that they are a […]


Song 35: Who should take on “A Little Respect”


  [5songpjct note: The photos may not seem to make sense at first, but stick with us.] “A Little Respect” – Erasure 5songpjct: I have to say that this is one of the most creative ways I have seen someone think about this project. It is interesting to think who should cover songs that we […]