Song 74: First Concert


[Robert Simpson, Limited Store Window Montreal 1936] “First… and then” by Handsome Boy Modeling School I didn’t go to concerts until I was in college. Across from my room was a triple room with three guys. One was a nice enough guy (now a doctor), a Frenchman (still one of my best friends), and a […]


Song 71: First Purchased Compact Disc


“I Will Buy You a Brand New Life” by Everclear Phong: When walking down aisles of CDs and cassette tapes, there’s that distinct and wonderful pang of recognizing an artist from off the radio. If they were really popular, you could even recognize a few songs off the track list. But usually it was just […]


Song 69: Reciprocal love between artist and fans


“In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis Lawrence: I love Kina Grannis. I’ve seen her play live a few times. Most recently at the Fillmore in San Francisco in November 2017. “In Your Arms”  is one of my favorite Kina songs. It’s one of the few happy songs that I happen to like. The first time […]


Song 66: Breakup song


[The Naked and Famous photo provided by contributor] “Girls Like You” by The Naked and Famous Lawrence: This is a great breakup song from one of my favorite bands. It’s not your typical depressing, wallowing in misery breakup song, but rather empowering and defiant. It makes me think about the girlfriends that did me wrong. […]


Assignment 12: The enduring spirit of love


Name: Victoria Russell Location: Oakland, CA Relationship to music: Listener Industry: Yoga teacher 1.5 years at Leela Yoga in Alameda, life coach 2 years. 5songpjct: Sorry I Facebook stalked you a little bit before this interview. I see that in your profile that you are a yoga teacher and life coach. What do you provide […]


Assignment 11: Time and place


Name: Teresa Location: Los Angeles, California Relationship to music: listener Industry: cultural heritage preservation & access Sometimes what you like is a very personal thing. I will just let Teresa take it away this week. When Kristen asked me to be a part of this project, my first instinct was to decline. Anyone who knows […]


Song 48: The Best Worst Decision I Ever Made


“Genius of Love” by the Tom Tom Club In the course of conversation people ask me why I moved to Los Angeles. When I explain it to people, I say it was the best worst decision I have ever made, because I moved to Los Angeles for a guy. I say this because I don’t […]


Assignment 9: They just never get old


Name: Christine Petrich Place: Minneapolis, Minnesota Your relationship to music: listener, dancer, and musician, in that order Industry: College Instructor, Health and PE I met Christine when I was in high school. We were both in a modern dance class at the performing arts center in my hometown. I don’t think there is any one […]


Assignment 6: Unconventional love songs


Name: Nicole J Place: Minnesota Your relationship to music: listener Industry: community outreach and communications I first met Nicole when she was born. I am happy that this week I am featuring my sister.  We have a lot in common in regard to music, movies, and sense of humor. We chatted over the holiday break […]