Song 98: Changes


“A Song from Under the Floorboard” – Magazine (1980) The Welders survived several personnel changes and our new members Colleen and Lyla helped us to grow musically. We played shows sporadically and also recorded a few times.  I got tired of playing drums and wanted to be more creative so I moved to keyboards. I […]


Song 83: Farewell song


“Coumba”  by Orchestra Baobab “Coumba” is a farewell song. Coumba, Coumba qui a changé les couleurs Coumba, Coumba, la mer n’est plus bleu pour toi By the time “Coumba” was released on Pirate’s Choice—that exemplar of the 80’s “discovery” of “world music”—Orchestra Baobab’s inventive fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythm with jazz and local Wolof and Mandinka […]


Song 70: First Music Video


“Take on Me” by A-ha Phong: If I would have built a time machine when I was a kid for an older me to find, it would have contained Lego bricks, the book “The Stinky Cheese Man,” and the music video for A-ha’s “Take on Me.” The blending of pencil rendered animation and live-action shots […]


Assignment 15: But first…


Name: Phong Tran Place: Los Angeles, CA (sort of) Your relationship to music: Listener Industry: UX Design I caught Phong before he left Los Angeles and embarked on a world tour before picking a new city to live and work in. I have been following his adventures via instagram with these flipbook stories that are […]


Song 58 : First understanding of performance art/art rock


[Still from music video for the song “This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)”] “This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)” – Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel (So [second album release and CD]) Luckily, just after Philip Glass showed me that the floor could come out from under me, a new wave radio station arose in my […]


Song 49: Wonder, unbridled joy, and weeping


“Take Me With U” by Prince If I could leave you after five songs with one parting thought it would be to see the bands and musicians you love perform live, you will never regret it. My motto in life is “When in doubt, buy the ticket.” This is equally true for plane tickets.  I […]


Song 46: MTV generation-120 Minutes


“Boys Don’t Cry” The Cure I have to thank MTv for having such a profound effect on my music taste. To let you know how old I am, I am speaking about the pre-Real World MTV which played music videos 24/7 starting with “Video Killed the Radio Star” in the dawn of the 1980s. Just […]


Assignment 10: The Influencers


Name: Kristen Place: Los Angeles Your relationship to music: audiophile Industry: Make it Happener at a local museum and creator of this blog I am one of those annoying people who sings along to every, and I mean every, song that comes on the radio or TV soundtrack. Music is how I remember things and […]


Assignment 9: They just never get old


Name: Christine Petrich Place: Minneapolis, Minnesota Your relationship to music: listener, dancer, and musician, in that order Industry: College Instructor, Health and PE I met Christine when I was in high school. We were both in a modern dance class at the performing arts center in my hometown. I don’t think there is any one […]