Assignment 21: The songs that made me want to play in a rock n’ roll band

music / Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Name: Jane Fujimoto

Location: Los Angeles

Relationship to music: Musical hobbyist/former punk rocker

Industry: Working in the field of digital asset management

I met Jane at a former place of employment and we used to carpool together. Sometimes your co-workers have really interesting back stories. Stories I never would have learned if it weren’t for horrible L.A. traffic.

Assignment for December 2, 2018

It has been a while since I posted. If you have forgotten how this works, today you have a little bit of homework. The homework is to listen to the five songs listed below. This week Jane will talk about how these songs were instrumental in inspiring her as a musician and in the forming of an all girl punk band in St. Louis. Click the song title to launch the song on YouTube or go to the Spotify playlist for this blog here.

  1. The Beatles. “You’re Going to Lose That Girl.” Help!, EMI, 1965
  2. The Monkees. “She.More of the Monkees, Colgems, 1967
  3. Mott the Hoople. “All the Way from Memphis.” Mott, CBS, 1973
  4. Patti Smith. “Kimberly.” Horses, Artista, 1975
  5. Magazine. “A Song from Under the Floorboards.” The Correct Use of Soap, Virgin, 1980


NEXT UP….. The Beatles continues to inspire.