Song 77: That’s not what it means, Mom

music / Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Name: J

Song: “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League

J: The song that reminds me of my mother is “Don’t You Want Me” because when I was six my mother and I had an argument about it that was very telling about how different we were as people. She felt bad for the guy in the song and thought the chick should give him another chance. I told her the guy was being a dick and it was not cool to threaten and demean the woman like that. It was me who put you where you are now and I can put you back down too. If she wasn’t already leaving, that was reason enough right there. My mom claimed he was saying things he didn’t mean because he was upset. I said that’s fine, when he calms down and apologizes that would be a different story.

When I was 18 we heard the song while in the car together and my mom, remembering our argument she asked me what I thought of it and we had the exact same disagreement again.

5songpjct: Do you tend to turn it off now when you hear it, remembering the fight? Or do you listen to it in defiance knowing you are right?

J: When I hear the song I listen to it. Not quite “defiance knowing I’m right,” more kind of bittersweetly thinking about the disconnect I’ve often felt between us and how our disagreement about the principles in this song have played out in our relationship over the

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