Song 42: Songs you wish your teacher used in class


[Public domain image on Wikimedia Commons-Tomasland took this picture on April 2nd 2006] “Feel Good, Inc.” by Gorillaz This song is so aptly named, it always makes me dance! It’s such a fun, interesting song. I love pop dance music, but if typically is missing depth. This song has depth, variation, and also features one […]


Song 40: Extended version on repeat


“Blue Monday” by New Order Written by Christine I bought the Substance record from a local record shop and immediately fell in love with the album but most specifically, this song. It’s been about 30(!!) years, and I still feel like this is the perfect song. It completely reflects being a child of the 80’s, […]


Assignment 9: They just never get old


Name: Christine Petrich Place: Minneapolis, Minnesota Your relationship to music: listener, dancer, and musician, in that order Industry: College Instructor, Health and PE I met Christine when I was in high school. We were both in a modern dance class at the performing arts center in my hometown. I don’t think there is any one […]


Song 39: I’m almost old enough to be their dad


Photo Credit: “Don’t Dream It’s Over” – Crowded House 5songpjct: How did you discover Pinegrove? Mickey: When I was driving through the Upper Peninsula (Michigan) with a buddy. He introduced them to me and for guys in their now forties who loved emo and punk of the late 90s or so, Pinegrove feels like […]


Song 38: A band that is so good at covers already


Photo credit: “Your Love” – The Outfield 5songpjct: Who should cover your pick by the Outfield? Mickey: I would love to hear this performed by New Pornographers, ideally with Neko Case on lead vocals. The multi-singer interplay on the end of “Testament to Youth In Verse” is one of my favorite moments in their […]


Song 37: The National – But imagine if they were all smiling and happily rocking out


Photo credit: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” – Tears for Fears 5songpjct: Have you heard the Clare and the Reasons cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World?” Mickey: I have not, but heard Ted Leo and the Pharmacists do it. AV Club, the Onion’s AV Club, does this really great annual tradition […]


Song 36: Sister Sister Sister


[Photo by Daria Kobayashi Ritch for Rolling Stone] “Boys of Summer” – Don Henley 5songpjct: This question may get a bit repetitive during this interview, but who should do a “Boys of Summer” cover? Mickey: The case can be made that The War on Drugs is already modernizing this, but I think that they are a […]


Song 35: Who should take on “A Little Respect”


  [5songpjct note: The photos may not seem to make sense at first, but stick with us.] “A Little Respect” – Erasure 5songpjct: I have to say that this is one of the most creative ways I have seen someone think about this project. It is interesting to think who should cover songs that we […]


Assignment 8: If we could do it again only different


Name:  Mickey Pearson Location: Duluth, MN Relationship to music: Listener, erstwhile performer Industry: Recruitment (I’m a headhunter, basically.) I met Mickey through my sister, who was our last contributor to Five Song Project. He is one of the most musical people I know and a really thoughtful mixtape maker. 5songpjct: You and your wife made […]